Testing Services


Do you need to prove pressure integrity of a subsea pipeline or flowline prior to start-up? Do you need to prove pressure integrity of a subsea pipeline following maintenance activities? Technical Energy Solutions (TES) conducts hydrotesting to confirm pipeline integrity. Typically, a pipeline is filled with water and a pressure test is recorded for a set duration as specified by client or relevant industry code. TES conducts hydrotesting across a wide range of pipeline sizes ranging from individual spools to complete pipeline networks. Moreover, hydrotesting is achievable across a wide range of pressures. TES can add preservation chemicals such as corrosion inhibitor, oxygen scavenger, and biocide to systems that will be left static for significant durations. Dye can also be added to assist with visual observation by diver and / or remote operated vehicle (ROV).

TES will generate a project-specific engineered procedure combined with a risk assessment to enable safe and efficient field execution. By applying this methodical process TES helps you prove pressure integrity of your pipeline. As is customary for TES, parameters are monitored and verified utilizing calibrated instruments to drive safe and efficient operations.